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Pilonidal disease is traditionally thought to be due to a congenital cyst, but we now believe that it is due to microtrauma. Hair from the neck and upper back fall in between the cleft above the buttocks. Friction then causes the hair to erode into the skin and soft tissue. This area is moist, void of air, and make healing difficult, so it can then turn into an abscess with tracts that can lead to the tissue around the midline cleft.

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  • Pain or Discomfort in the Tailbone Region
  • Abscess with Possible Need for Drainage
  • Fevers, Chills, Sign of an Infectious Process
  • Holes or Sinus Tracts in the Tailbone Region

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  • Symptoms

    External appearance ranges from a barely visible dimple at the upper end of the buttock crease to an obvious opening into the cavity.

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  • Treatment

    If an abscess develops as a result of pilonidal disease, the best treatment is to make an incision in the skin and drain the pus. Antibiotics are generally not helpful.

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  • Surgery for Pilonidal Disease

    Surgery for removal of pilonidal disease can be performed through various treatments depending on the severity of the condition.

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  • Recovery

    After surgery, the nurse provides instructions on care of the drain tube. The area around the drain tube and the incision should be kept clean and the drain tube covered with a gauze pad.

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